The SOLD Project

An amazing young woman named Rachel is in Thailand for the summer with a crew of filmmakers creating a film to bring awareness to the issue of Trafficking among Children.

Visit their website at to learn more. Until then, here is an excerpt from one of their postings:

Child sex slavery does exist. However, it is much more complicated than that simple sentence. There are many reasons why it occurs and many Many MANY ways to fight it. Looking at the issue as a whole often times seems overwhelming as it is an endless cycle of economic, social, cultural reasons… on top of the tourists and Westerners who partake. It is so very important for us to capture the entirety of this issue in order to bring home the TRUTH. We believe that in doing this small part we will inspire others to do their part and together we will see this end. A bold statement, YES. Unattainable… NO. Until next time… Let LOVE rule in and through you…

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