Mumbai India :: Case Study

I wrote this to share with you some of the stories that come in here daily. This is one of the most recent. Please continue to pray for peace, freedom, recovery and joy.

SACMEP Case Study
July 26, 2007

A young girl, aged 16, ran away from home to her Grandmothers house, angry that she was not allowed to marry the boy that she was in love with. While staying at her grandmothers, she was invited by her cousin to come and stay at their house in Bangladesh. She then went to her cousin’s home, where during the evenings she would hear them talking about her with their neighbors, but they would always become silent when she would get near. On her fourth day at her cousins, she was forced to go out with one of the neighbors so that he could show her the sights. When she expressed confusion as to why they were not all going out, they responded that they would the following day. She was forced to wear a Burkha and the man took her to Bangladesh, two hours away from her cousin’s house.

Immediately the abuse began. Taken from place to place for days, the girl put up with physical and verbal abuse. There were many times that the man tried to sell her into prostitution, but the price was never right. The girl, feverish from abuse and traveling, was eventually given pills disguised as medicine, drugged, and raped. Not wanting to ruin her chances of getting home by angering the man, she stayed silent.

Still trying to find a good price to sell her for, the man continued to drag the girl with him through the country in search of a specific man with whom he had had previous success. He left the girl with a family in Mumbai who had given him a lead. Two days into waiting for him to return, the girl eventually told her host about the kidnapping and abuse. She was able to contact her mother, and 15 days after her arrival in Mumbai she was rescued by the police and an NGO.

This is rare. This girl is lucky.

She is currently being held in a government home in Mumbai while a local NGO in Bangladesh conducts a home study to assess if it is safe for her to return home. Until then, counseling is being provided.