red light reflections

your world… broken concrete, sheets drying, metallic stickers of your gods hover over the opening of doors, wrinkled, slightly faded.

the air is stagnant, moist. hindi television plays loudly – too loudly – in its plastic containment.

your clothes are oversized, ballooned, giving your body a break before another nights work.

you never leave this building. the outside world is only portrayed to you by what enters here. hungry, selfish, desirious –> and you the object that will accomplish their desires.

what happens to a mind that gets hidden from truth for so long –> are you able to still find it in yourself? or has that, too, become only a dream, held together by your will, fighting for a break.

do your gods bring you comfort, do they teach of justice and love? do they inspire you, do they protect you?

let me tell you of my God. His heart breaks for you –> he hates those that bring injustice. He longs for people to live in peace, to love one another so that we may then begin to understand what His love looks like.

our world is built up of that which we know and have seen –> what does your world look like?


I’m currently reading City of Joy – a beautiful book that I highly recommend. In it are many reflections on suffering, and God’s role in suffering. In light of it’s relevance to my own thought process as I travel India, I wanted to share some quotes that have struck me.

“Why this agony of an innocent in a place already scarred by so much suffering?”… Isaiah tried to justify the suffering of the innocent – “It was our suffering that the boy was enduring”.  – But how could the suffering of the innocent be part of my redemptive process?

“You who died on the cross to save mankind, help me to understand the mystery of suffering. Help me to transcend it. Help me, above all, to fight against its causes, against the lack of love, against hatred and against all the injustices that give rise to it.” (p. 104)