Halloween :: American Tourists in India

Don’t have tons of time, but the last few days have been so hilarious that I thought I would post some favorite quotes and memories…

* Getting hassled by an auto driver in Delhi that wanted to take us to his shop (a common scam)… when we got fed up and jumped out of his rick, we met other European tourists encountering exactly the same thing… thus, we met Steve! Our new companion.

* Auto Rickshaw driver in Delhi :: When we asked him if it ever gets crowded when his brother, cousins, babies, grandparents, inlaws and extended family all stay in one room (he was bragging about how close his family was) he replied “If your heart is big… not crowded. If your heart is small… it’ll be crowded”. Profound words, autorickshaw driver…

* Taxi driver in Delhi – warning us about “men with bad hearts but good faces”. What about your heart, I asked. “My heart good. I take knife and cut cut cut and show it to you… my heart good. These men on the streets, don’t talk to them – their hearts are not clean.”

* Attempting to gain lost hours of sleep on our drive to Agra and waking up to Camels pulling carts, monkeys doing flips on leashes, and snake charmers on the side of the road.

* Kapur, our taxi driver to the Taj, enlightening us to the three driving points in India… “brake, luck, and horn. Horn works and you will have life” (see video below).

* We got a flat tire on our way home from the Taj… instead of trick or treating on Halloween night we landed in the middle of India at a roadside “restaurant” with Indian men bringing us chai and bunnies… unlike Halloween I think we have to pay for them, though. Rickshaws with at least ten people on them keep driving past with blaring Hindi music… while an Indian man wearing a cream colored kurta and a neck brace (from an auto accident) leans over me while I’m journaling… “oh hello!” I greet him… “Writing!!!!” “Yes, yes… I’m writing….”… “English you writing!”… “yes, yes…”… “I see!”… As a dozen other Indian men, some in only a towel, gathered round to marvel at my marvelous penmanship.

* Going to the famous restaurant in Delhi, Karims, that every local has seemed to recommend. The menu was overwhelming so we called Salmon, and handed the phone over to the waiter, asking him to order whatever he thought we would like… he ordered us a feast! And we stuffed our faces… it was amazing. As Sara would say… “I’m thinking about converting”.