We flew into Paris this morning!It was a wonderful couple of weeks in Cape Town with the Aeschlimans – we spent some time just Luke and I in the wine area of Paarl “researching” wine, of course (the perks of dating a viticulturist and having a father who loves wine…). Our days with the Aeschlimans were the ideal pace – mornings of coffee and breakfast, afternoons of adventuring, and dinners with the dozen of us gathered around home cooked meals and good wine. We saw Cape Town, but more importantly spent time with people who will always be family. One of the highlights was fishing with Michael (a TRUE fisherman). We spent 9 hours in the bay dropping our lines over the side of the boat. I caught many reef sharks, some fun fish, and a blowfish! It was truly a fun day – and we ended it with a braii (BBQ), enjoying a hard days work.We left without wanting to leave, which is always good (but bittersweet) to fly into Paris last night. We’re staying with Luke’s family who lives in the city – a beautiful family, all musicians, and I can sense that Luke will get some good headway on the 7 or so songs he’s been working on during our travels. I have heaps of writing calling my name, and am looking forward to tackling that with beautiful sounds of music in the background.Only 6 days left until home… strange. It seems like yesterday that I said goodbye and closed the door behind me!