Update from India!

Save the Children in Mumbai, India works to provide training for girls who were rescued from sex trafficking.


I recently received an update from them – “we have been successful in placing 5 girls at the beauty parlours in Mumbai, and also have placed them at a shelter home for them to start travelling on their own.”

When I visited, it was a picture-esque moment of beautiful girls learning how to sew, make jewelry, create art, cut hair, and various other trades. What I learned was that this was their escape – they spent their nights cramped up in the government home of Mumbai with hundreds of other girls. They were personally escorted daily to this training center, where they were kept locked in the upstairs room with a security guard standing at the entry for their protection. Their traffickers had not been arrested, and their lives were still at risk. These girls hated going back to the government home and were hungry for their own freedom, their own independence. How exciting that five of them have found that!