Know Human Trafficking

Wednesday afternoon Josh, Rachel and I went to meet with the Human Trafficking Task Force for LAPD. Our time was encouraging as we learned of the work they are doing – especially in learning how we as common citizens could continue to support our law enforcement.

It all has to start with awareness, they said. This was encouraging to hear as Elpis continues to move forward with it’s focus being on awareness – believing that the more eyes there are to see and ears there are to hear, the faster we can recognize victims and bring justice to people.

A couple years ago the LAPD deparment was given a $450,000 grant dedicated towards human trafficking. A hotline was established, marketing ads were created ( and a point person hired to continue the trainings and investigations.

The trouble is that the grant money will only continue if the rescues continue… and the rescues are hard to conduct if investigation into these issues are not the focus of law enforcement… and the issue can only be the focus if there is money dedicated towards it. It’s a vicious circle.

So how can we help?

Your voice matters! They listen to the voice of the common citizen. If you see something suspicious, call the 1-800 number. (1-800-655-4095) and tell them what you see. They WILL follow up on this. Continue to spread the awareness – tell your friends what human trafficking is and how to identify a victim.

Be bold and act justly. Unity is a must in the abolishment of modern day slavery – together we can put an end to this. So train your eyes and your ears to hear and to see to fight for the justice of those around us.