Partnership :: The Elpis Project and The Sold Project

Friends and Family of The Elpis Project.

I’m writing to you with exciting news! Over the last month I had been praying about the direction of Elpis, asking how we could continue to raise awareness on the issue of human trafficking and continue training people to identify victims of trafficking and get involved in the abolition of modern day slavery.

This week The Elpis Project met with The Sold Project, an organization creating a film that tells the story of children being trafficked in Thailand. Due to common dreams and goals, we have decided to merge together into one project, combining forces and strengthening the vision.

So The Elpis Project is now operating as The Sold Project! Our vision has only increased as we have gone global, are partnering with phenomenal artists as the video project continues, and are part of a team of people that are passionate about issues of justice.

As the Director of Development, I will be assisting The Sold Project in creating practical ways for people to get involved in reaction to the film. We are set to release in September, so if you would like to host a showing at your school, church, or other applicable venue, please contact us!

Please visit The Sold Project website at Watch the trailer, learn about the staff, and continue to pray for this unity of people with hearts to serve as we learn how to give a voice to those who are suffering from injustice.

This is an exciting time for Elpis as we partner with the Sold Project. Together this will advance, strengthen and move forward the goal of abolishing human trafficking in our world!

With much love and hope,