Published: Zealous Love

Two years ago I got back from a three month trip: the purpose of which was to search out my vocational calling and participation in the huge problem of human trafficking. I spent two months backpacking India with a good friend, Sara, where we spent our time volunteering and learning from local organizations. I then traveled to South Africa to visit a longtime friend and intermingled my time working with organizations in Joburg that fight trafficking. When I got home, some dear friends, Mike and Danae Yankoski, asked that I write a contribution to a book they were working on: Zealous Love.

Zealous love is a collection of entries from people working in the field, a ‘handbook to social justice’. It covers issues like human trafficking, clean water, and HIV/Aids. It’s a beautiful image of the work that every day people, just like you and I, are doing around our world in an attempt to pursue justice. It’s set to hit bookstores in early January and for anyone looking to get involved in justice work around our world, I encourage you to pick up a copy.