Phuket: Rainy Vacation

I’ve been coming to Thailand for years but never made it down the islands. I’ve seen the pictures: clear blue water, sunny skies, bikinis and mai tai’s by the beach. And I’ve always dreamed of going. Little did I expect that my dreamy vacation would take place when a monsoon decided to hit the island. 4 days in Phuket were spent in a car, running from one cover to the next, or reading in our hotel room. The perks, though? The people.

Praise Goh, one of my best friends from Fuller, flew down from Singapore for some quality girl time and rest and relaxation. The next day, my brother, Jedd Goble, flew in. He’ll be spending the next 7 weeks with The SOLD Project, helping us tell the stories of our work through film.

And to cap it off: I got my new camera! My old camera… all my lenses… everything!… were stolen in August while visiting the states. Thank you MOM for forcing me to get insurance. Going without a camera for two months was a lesson in patience, and with Jedd came my new gear: a Canon 5d MarkII and a 24-70 L Series Canon Lense. Despite the rain, it’s been a blast to have my camera to play with this week!