My Brother is Awesome.

It all started at a breakfast in Santa Barbara. Kevin, Jedd and I sat together enjoying a late morning brunch, watching the ocean, and talking about our futures. Jedd was wondering what the next few months would hold for his life, and I jokingly suggested he move to Thailand. The SOLD Project had been dreaming of an update film, Jedd happens to be an amazing videographer (and editor!), and living in Thailand meant $1 meals for a few months. He liked the idea… so much so that he began to make some major life decisions to make it happen. He moved out of his apartment, began fundraising to help SOLD cover the cost of the plane ticket, and off he was.

From Phuket to Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai to Bangkok and back… Jedd captured dozens of hours of footage for us. Interviews, shots of the infamous red light districts in Bangkok, stories of the children we work with in Chiang Rai, and more. His devotion to our cause and his passion to tell our story has been a gift to us.

Thank you, Jedd. For your hard work, adaptability, and cultivated talent that allows organizations like SOLD to tell stories that matter to the world.

So, as this year comes to a close, our mission continues to be simple yet great: to prevent the exploitation of children in Thailand. And, much like our mission, the need for individuals (like Jedd!), to get involved is also great. Whether you are a long-time supporter or new to the SOLD community, please give your support to our educational programs that sustain the prevention of child exploitation.​give

AND! Until December 31st, give a gift and receive a photograph taken by one of our SOLD students. Give a gift in someone’s honor, and you’ll not only be able to say that you contributed to preventing the exploitation of children, but will be able to gift that special someone with a beautiful 5×7 print taken by the child themself.