Are you over ugly camera bags? Look no further…

When a photographer purchases a new camera, the next logical step is a savvy bag to go with it. Right? As my mom always said – a girl can never have enough bags! On the quest for anything but the boring black bag, I’ve discovered some great alternatives for the girl looking to show her personality not ONLY through the pictures she takes.

THANK YOU to these designers who are taking their creativity to the next level, and allowing those of us who would rather NOT carry around man-bags to enjoy your creations.

The ‘SLR Sloop’ is made from the same super-durable material used for boat sails, she’s water repellent, never fades, and is a cinch to clean. She can be purchased through the Photojojo Store HERE.

By *Emera, both are water resistant with seven padded comparments for all of your camera gear. She can be purchased HERE.

This is a shootsac. A brilliant idea for the photographer on the job that needs a quick lense change without the hassle. Shootsac’s are made from neoprene and are designed to hold your lenses with the capability of a quick and easy change while you’re working. They can’t replace the every day camera bag, but they are a GREAT alternative to the bulky bag for when you’re on-site. Plus they come with interchangeable covers to fit your mood.

Shootsac’s can be purchased HERE.

And, saving my absolute favorite for last, the Epiphanie Bags! They look nothing like a camera bag, yet come in a range of styles, colors and sizes to fit your needs. Some will even hold your laptop plus your gear. Check them out and purchase yours HERE.

Do you know of other awesomely chic camera bags that should be added to the list? If so, leave a comment!