Photo Week at The SOLD Project

This is honestly the best last week I could have imagined having in Thailand. My good friend Courtney and her boyfriend, Robby, flew in on Saturday morning to help teach our SOLD Scholarship Students the art of photography. They’re both amazing photographers themselves (check out Robby’s work here and follow his blog here) and came armed with not only their own equipment, but 7 SLR Film Cameras for the students to use (and keep!).

The students work is honestly amazing. All of us are shocked at the quality of photos they’re getting from our digital cameras. I’ll wait to get back to the states to develop the film, so make sure to follow our blog and twitter for updates.. Until then, we’ll be releasing a couple photos a day on twitter. You can follow us @thesoldproject.

And eventually, we’ll be selling their work online. 100% of the proceeds will go to fund a project of the student’s choice as a way for them to participate in the development of the Resource Center. Stay tuned!