Crescena Charley Brown | Baby Pictures

I’ve known Ali for nearly 10 years and so when she came into town this week I instantly hopped on taking pictures of her newborn, Crescena Charley Brown. Ali, her husband Tommy, and Crescena will be moving to Nairobi, Kenya in January 2012 to serve as missionary pilots. They’re an amazingly fearless couple that I’m proud to know. If you’re curious in learning more about the work they’ll be doing, you can visit AIM AIR, the organization they will be serving with.

Crescena was brave putting up with the cold as we tried – in JUNE! – to get some outdoor shots. Why is it cold in June? She put up with us nonetheless and I’m quite pleased with how my first ever baby shoot turned out.

A BIG thank you to Ali and Crescena for their patience and willingness to be my subjects for an afternoon.