Heading back to Thailand…

In just under 24 hours I’ll be on my way. Back to Thailand, to The SOLD Project headquarters, and to the kids and staff that have won my heart and give me such a passion for what I do every day here. I can’t wait to visit with Lynette in Bangkok, to see TaWee and Beth married, to catch up with my dear friend Blah, or play with the kids when they get out from school. I can’t wait to get massages for $6, eat Khaow Soi like it’s my job, and stumble over the little Thai I still remember. I can’t wait to participate in the parent meeting, where this year our kids and their parents asked to learn about the relationship between teenagers and parents. I can’t wait to see the kids’ faces light up as they get letters from their sponsors, or to talk IN ENGLISH to two of our older students who have been studying English on a higher level since I left.

Deirdre, our first long term volunteer and English teacher in Thailand, got there a few days ahead of me and posted these pictures of posters the kids made in our welcome.

This next month my blog will take on an older but familiar face: one of Thai kids and scenery, and then eventually Egypt’s scenery as well when Kevin and I head there later this month. It’s a little break from engagement photos and leather bound books. šŸ™‚