Bangkok Flooding

I flew into Bangkok Friday night not really knowing what to expect. The news is all over the place in terms of the flooding. The drive from the airport to Sukhumvit was painless and no water was to be seen. Signs of the flooding, however, were everywhere. Overpasses have turned into parking lots for cars to escape the risk of water damage, and sandbags line every shop, seemingly whether or not they are at risk of flooding. So yesterday Deirdre and I ventured out to see Bangkok. She’s never been here before, so we took the somewhat touristy route. And off the beaten path we caught signs of the flooding. Major political points and economic areas are protected, while side roads and the poorer areas are being filled with water. Most of these shots were taken outside of Chatuchak Market and around the corner from the Grand Palace. While wandering, we even witnessed a truck full of military open up some of the flood gates and an entire street proceed to fill.

The SOLD Project’s bi-annual parent meeting is this weekend and our students and their families are organizing a food donation drive as well as helping to build some sort or sandbag (translation didn’t quite happen) for flood victims.