A letter

Praisey Waisey,

It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since you passed away. The month of October always carries with it a beauty and fragility that’s reflected in the changing of the weather, the hecticness of the season, and the bittersweet memories that you and I shared in October two years ago. I’ve learned so much from our friendship. That life is beautiful. And sometimes short. To savor moments when you have them. We didn’t know those would be our last here on earth. And I’m glad we took full advantage of them. I’ve missed you so much these last two years. Life continues, the sun keeps rising, people pass and new life is born.

October 25th. I miss you. My heart is heavy. My body remembers and respond to this day from two years ago. I try to pause, and remember what you’ve taught me. To savor the memories. To remind myself of our pillow talks and giggles. To cry. To laugh. To cherish. Your spirit is still very much alive in me. I think of what you would say in situations. I picture your reactions in others. I jump for pictures, wear a flower in my hair whenever possible, and try to remind myself to break, and take in the beauty of life and love. You were so good at that.

I miss you, love bug.