A Poem to Process | National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Today is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. A day to be aware. To pray. To mourn… All of those in slavery around our world. Six years ago was my first international exposure to this horrendous crime. I remember it like it was yesterday: traveling a country so full of beauty and yet layered with grief and suffering. I wrote this poem – one of my first and very raw processings of this crime – and I wanted to share it as a reflection today. As I remember, and pray, and hope for a future of freedom for all humanity. I’d ask you to take a moment to do the same.

layers of humanity, a need to exist, to survive, when food becomes life, and solitude found only with eyes grown heavy.

do we begin the same, has culture formed us? what of faith, of karma, of being one amongst a million, the luck of the draw?

you become part of the system, because it is all that can save you. what of your spirit: suppressed? forgotten? lost?

have you no shame, or has survival beaten shame in this game of life… what is innocence, when innocence lost… can a soul die, can it be renewed?

we are surrounded by beauty, yet ugliness does not cease. the peace that exists within oneself… the realm of god. only within can you escape ugliness… and only outside can your goodness come to life… if we all chose good, would bad cease to exist?