Christian Science Media | Thank You!

The day before I left for my two month whirl wind I had the honor of meeting with Marilyn from the Christian Science Monitor. We sat at a corner table at my local Peets and connected over spirituality, our fight for justice, and the plight of women all over our world. Not only did I appreciate my time with her but the article she wrote about my story and The SOLD Project brought tears of joy to my eyes. I love seeing our story told from this platform. It’s so important – to focus on prevention, empowerment, and continue to inspire this deep belief that change CAN happen in everyone. Thank you, Marilyn, for believing in me and SOLD and taking the time to create this beautiful piece.

The real key to stopping the supply of naive children into sex trafficking, she realized, lay in prevention. However, she discovered that most aid groups focus on helping only after a life in prostitution has begun.

In India, Goble once had a conversation with several madams and young prostitutes. When she asked one woman in her early 20s what had brought her there, the young woman told her, “I’m not like you. I don’t have opportunities. I can never get out of this despair.”

That conversation proved to be a turning point for Goble.

“It made me so angry,” she says. “The belief of no alternative starts in the mind and heart. If you break a woman to the point she doesn’t believe in herself, you’re not going to be able to help her.” Addicting a young girl to drugs may initially keep her tied to prostitution, “but if you break the soul of woman, you no longer need drugs,” she says.

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