Bathing With Elephants

Earlier this year I spent time in Thailand producing our 5 year update films, and our Director had the genius idea to rent an elephant to shoot with for the day. Thanks to twitter, we got connected to this amazing elephant reserve camp in Chiang Saen, GTAEF. With their support and the support of Anantara Resort, we had a phenomenal day filming (and the videos will be released later this year, so subscribe to The SOLD Project for updates!)

When my Mom and some of our major donors and contributors came for a 10 day trip in February, I knew this was the perfect place to bring them to. Not only do you get to interact with the elephant and participate in a mini-mahoot training course, but you also learn about how the elephants are at-risk and what this amazing camp is doing to protect them. We brought some of The SOLD Project students along for the ride (they can’t get enough!) and… well… the pictures speak for themselves with how much joy was present that day.

Elephants_WM-0155 Elephants_WM-0165 Elephants_WM-0173 Elephants_WM-0187 Elephants_WM-0188 Elephants_WM-0265 Elephants_WM-0266 Elephants_WM-0269 Elephants_WM-0296 Elephants_WM-0342 Elephants_WM-0349 Elephants_WM-0362 Elephants_WM-0385 Elephants_WM-0389 Elephants_WM-0390 Elephants_WM-0393 Elephants_WM-0394 Elephants_WM-0399 Elephants_WM-0403 Elephants_WM-0412 Elephants_WM-0427