Travel With Us

It was eight months ago that my brother and I began dreaming about The SOLD Project’s five year anniversary films. What story did we want to tell? How did we want to structure the campaign? Shortly after our conversation, I was sharing our vision with my dear friend Bobby, founder of Invisible Children. Only four weeks before take-off he expressed interest in directing the films. Our campaign grew and took form as we began to inspire one another with SOLD’s message of hope that we wanted to convey to the world. Weeks later we had a plan, we’d raised the seed money necessary to execute this plan, we’d talked Bobby’s girlfriend Erin in to joining us, and we were off.

Several weeks in Thailand of filming meant early mornings for sunrise shots and late evenings organizing footage and strategizing the next day. The four of us laughed and cried and got in fights and made up. We lived and breathed the common vision and common goal to humanize what can otherwise be viewed as a statistic, to inspire people to believe that even a small drop in a giant ocean makes a difference, and to internalize all of this in ourselves, believing that the way we live OUR lives, how we LOVE other people, can make a dramatic influence in the world.

For anyone that’s ever worked on a film project, or a project that takes blood sweat and tears, you know the joy and peace and contentment that comes when that piece of art is introduced to the world. I feel that joy today. I am so overwhelmingly proud of what we’ve created. I believe it is a piece that carries dignity, a piece that inspires. And this dignity, for me, goes far beyond what you, our audience, can see on the screen. I am proud of the way we captured footage. I’m proud of the follow through we have with every person in this film. I’m proud of the lessons our students learned as we talked to them about WHY we were filming and the impact it would have on the world – how THEY are beacons of hope and inspiration.

And the best part is, this is just the beginning. For the next few months we’ll be in post production for our longer narrative, releasing in September. The adventure continues… and I hope you’ll BUY A PRINT and Travel With Us.


PRODUCED BY // G-Technology, Goble Family Foundation, Gregg and Emily Nelson, Cameron Welborn-Wilson and Jeff Wilson

EXECUTIVE FREEDOM SPONSORS // Mark and Cathy Zoradi, Marlene Lepkoski

PRODUCER // Rachel Goble

DIRECTOR // Bobby Bailey

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY // Jedd Goble, Bobby Bailey

EDITOR // Bobby Bailey, Jedd Goble


VOICEOVER // Erin McGowan

Many thanks to GTAEF Helping Elephants for their work rescuing elephants from exploitative work on the streets and providing them with acreage to roam. Also many thanks to the kids and travelers for your inspiration and believing in this film.

We could not have done this without the generous support of G-Technology and their donation of all the hard drives we were able to use in the field. For a ‘behind the scenes’ look at our filming and workflow, check out this video.