Women helping women helping women…

But truly. How amazing when a woman from America designs a necklace made by women in Uganda to raise funds for women and children in Thailand.

Earlier this month I got an email from my friend James (the only dude in this equation – God Bless him), asking if I was willing to the_rachel_promo-300x451be honored as this month’s Ember Arts Hero. Willing? What an honor! Over the past few week’s we’ve had a lot of fun: radio interviews (I think James has a job at NPR in the future), curating an online section of the store and now this: they designed a necklace in my (our) honor, ‘The Rachel’ necklace.

Here’s the beautiful part about it all. Just like with our Freedom Series Photography prints we aren’t just asking for donations to change lives: we’re providing a product that changes lives. From America to Thailand to Uganda, the story behind the piece is an inspiration:

The necklace is made of two types of recycled paper beads: black beads, which represent the dangers of trafficking, and beads made from old books, which represent the stories that SOLD are helping their students live.

There are four sections of story beads along the necklaces sides, representing the four pillars of SOLD’s work: Education, Mentorship, Resources, and Awareness. And there are 140 beads in total, representing the 140 students SOLD currently has on scholarship. And the necklace transitions from dark in the back, through the four pillars, to bright stories in the front. It represents Rachel’s dream and The SOLD Project’s continuing mission to lead children out of trafficking’s dark halls and into the light of opportunity.

Thank you, James, and everyone at Ember Arts (special thanks to Emily Goodrich for designing such a beautiful piece!).